Open Your Week/Year/Eyes NOT Your Wallet. Today’s #DestinationDeck @LandrysBoston

Fitness. Its not just for the rich kids, the athletes, the jocks, or the gym class heros. Oh, no, fitness is here to stay and its for fuckin’ everyone. Now why is it that each and every January since the creation of “New Year’s Resolutions” has FITNESS jumped up into everyone’s life as a fresh new commitment for the fresh New Year? Because when you’re a fitter version of yourself, you feel, look, love, and live better. Its as simple as that. But why then does everyone dive into their pocketbooks and money clips to figure out how to buy this fitter version of themselves? Maybe because its the easy route. Maybe buying something feels new and makes the fresh start seem ignited in some way. November Project is here to prove more and more people wrong on this first financial investment of the year towards fitness. We are here to have fun outdoors with a tribe of fun lovin’ racers and newbies all mixed into one. We are going to get as fit as we can and have more fun than anyone in town along the way. We are going to encourage one another in a way that is so friendly and kind that more of Boston will think we’re weird. We are going to learn from one another, compare notes, and get better as a community. Because we’re not a once a week club, we’re not asking for a single dime, and we are not for a certain “type.” All we need is for you to make a commitment to this lifestyle and help build Boston as a better place to exist. Recruit more good people who believe in these concepts for WED & FRI each week and our movement of FREE Fitness will continue to grow and the love will spread. Too serious? Its Monday, give me a break.

Don’t get us wrong, some races you have to pay for, lots of the best yoga in town will cost you, but when you train with NP as your lifestyle, you’ll get even more out of those dollars and know more faces in those arenas when it comes time to step up and spend.

One of our members who goes by the name of #WestCoastRecruit reminded me of a quote this past weekend that his company‘s co-founder made back in the day. It sparked the fire that has me writing to you all like this today. You’ll find that quote below in today’s WISCONSIN NOTES.

Our #DestinationDeck today was, as it always is, a great way to start off the week. You’ll notice a large push to no longer welcome those to the Monday workouts who are driving, taking cabs, or using the MBTA. The #DestinationDeck by definition is a “#RunDeckRun.” Please know that we see this as a three part workout that is awesome if you follow the plan. Run. Deck (of cards with your family tribe). Run. Its a deck sandwich on running bread (and some take it on a bicycle roll).

HUGE Thanks to Mark @LandrysBoston for hosting the deck section of the workout today. So very cool of you and your company to host us. #TheTribeIsStrong. See you and your recruits this WED & FRI.

Please go on Bojan’s wall today and wish him a Happy Serbian New Year/Xmas.
Please nominate racers for the NP #PositivityAward to myself or Bojan.
Today’s PHOTOS by your fellow tribe member Alan Scherer.
Please continue to #RecruitMoreRacers
“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” -Bill Bowerman, Oregon Track & Field – Nike Co-Founder.
Bring your body and another body (if not more) to WED & FRI this week.

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  1. Inspiring commentary around a motivating theme that is universal. We are talking about the man that brought the ‘jogging’ movement to N America. Before Bill Bowerman , seeing someone running down the street would have been shocking and absurd. Cops would have been called and that person would be looked at as CRAZY. Maybe some of the same weird looks that we get from people while doing NP workouts. Hmmmm. Interesting. #ChangeTheWorld #IfYouHaveABodyYouAreAnAthlete

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