Only Announcements (YEG)

Instead of telling you how amazing you are for spreading free fitness to all of your friends… Instead of admiring how hard everyone worked today… Instead of telling you how much I love taking in the view at Commonwealth… Instead of telling you that the oil drum almost spilled today… Instead of telling of telling you that the age range today was from 4 to 86… Instead of telling you that two people celebrated their anniversary today at November Project… Instead of telling you that we were very happy to give the Positivity Award to someone very deserving… Instead of telling you that some of you don’t follow instructions… Instead of telling you that someone with no shirt won Abe’s hat today… Instead of telling you how much fun I had this morning… I’m only going to tell you about today’s announcements

Here they are:

Some people broke verbals today.

NP Social – Tomorrow (Day after Wednesday/Day before Friday)
7 pm to 9 pm – Running Room hosting a store night for the tribe, offering 15% off electronics and nutrition, and 25% off the rest of the store. Jen and I are going to be telling a bit about the history of NP in Edmonton (for those that don’t know) and then we will answer all sorts of wild questions. How many times in a day does Jen roll her eyes at Nadim? Is it positivity stick or positivity award? Who is Jen’s favourite tribe member? Why do we have a hat from DC? How often do you cut your toe nails? Have you ever eaten a Nuun tablet without putting it in water? I think you get the idea… maybe you dont.. so here’s another one. Is Andrew a real co-leader? We will answer whatever question you ask. So get those questions ready.

Sounds of November Project
This bear (and friend of the movement) took some of our old interviews and added some fly beats to create the Sounds of November Project. This FREE download will be yours on Tuesday, but only if you eat your brussel sprouts.

NP Summit – Sept 24-27 Information on the November Project Summit is here and here!


See everyone on Friday at Emily Murphy Park!

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