#onerun TOMORROW, Sat. May 25th (10AM Start)

Great work in Brookline this morning. We’ve already gotten a few very positive reports from the Brookline Police Department (BPD) about how orderly and quiet we are before 7AM. The fact is, its hard to believe that so many running ninjas can train without making a sound but that’s what we do. BPD had to send a few officers out to hear it with their own ears and shoot video as proof. Thank you for continuing to prove that November Project is not only safe, fun, and fast, but we’re also adding to the neighborhoods we train in, not taking anything away from them.

Tomorrow at 10AM in Kenmore Square will be the START of an event that everyone should attend. Local runners and running clubs will join the victims and the families of the victims to “finish the race” that was cut short for thousands due to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings last month. Thousands of runners will assemble rain or shine to jog as one over the last mile of the 26.2 mile marathon course. November Project has worked with the main event organizers and will be staffing the t-shirt distribution section of tomorrow’s check-in. I mentioned to a few of you who expressed interest this morning in volunteering where to go (UNO’s at Kenmore, 8:30AM) and what to wear (#GrassrootsGear in white). If there are any more of you who would like to help out please send me (Brogan Graham) a message today via Facebook and I’ll give you the rest of the details. For the rest of you would would like to join in on the run please plan to represent November Project by wearing your #GrassrootsGear (white if possible). This gesture will show that November Project is there to support and build the community here in Boston. For all information please check this out.

MONDAY: Our final #DestinationDeck for May and the last stop on what we’re calling #ALLMAYMON. We hope you can join us for a little fun and a little core. Run to Ellis Park in Roxbury and don’t forget to bring your smiles. #ALLMAYMON is about adding miles to your brand new week and exploring this amazing city at the same time. Hope to see you there.

WEDNESDAY: We race our asses off over 37 sections at 6:30AM.
WISCONSIN NOTES: They workout on WED & FRI. They are getting stronger and faster and somehow even more fun. They are going into the summer with a lot of momentum. They are .

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