One Workout, So Many Missed Verbals, Pt2 of 2: Matt, what happened?

Guest Blog from La Captain: Erica Silbiger
This morning was hard,
Oh how it was tough,
Just having the speakers?
It wasn’t enough.
No music was heard,
Although songs were played,
But without your voice,
We were all dismayed.
Your voice, dear, it carries,
And the words you lip synch,
The dances you rock out.
From Coldplay to Pink.
On the upper west side,
Your run pool, they waited,
But you did not show,
Their excitement soon faded.
Oh, Matt, how we missed you,
Your alarm did you wrong,
You were nowhere to be,
We waited so long.
But then came the bounce,
You still did not show,
“Maybe he biked?” We all said,
Or the train’s really slow.
Then came the workout,
Your songs still unsung,
And your positivity,
You are always so fun.
Then came the Spice,
Some freeze tag, we played,
But a faulty alarm,
In your bed you then stayed.
We then went to coffee,
Thought “Surely he’ll show!”
But to our broken hearts,
The answer was no.
So, Matt, we missed you!
But we definitely know,
We’ll see you very soon,
Because we all love you so!
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