One Woman, One Name, CLAIREWOOD.

This is a very hard one to post for a few reasons. First, Claire was the mastermind behind the FREE shoes in August deal that we hosted for those members who came to 6+ workouts that month. Also, It recently came out that Clairewood was the heavy brains behind the contribution from her local shoe company (New Balance) that gives back to the active community in Boston by shoveling the Charles River path all winter. What!? You’re like a November Project dream come true.

But, as you can tell from the simple fact that we are on this section of the website, Clairewood is human and does make mistakes. This morning, Clairewood backed out of a “verbal” in the early hours before the #DestinationDeck (Magazine Beach: #StoneWallDeck). In an attempt to keep this as painless as possible we’re going to take it to “Wisconsin Notes” from here on out:

Clairewood has two names that sound best as one.
She runs like the wind.
She is pretty funny.
She is dedicated to November Project.
She said she’d be there this morning.
She backed out of her commitment around 5:20AM.
We will always love Clairewood.
We Missed You Clairewood.

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