One Way…Or Another (DCA)

We’re gonna find ya. We’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha to come to November Project DC. Yes, that’s how the song goes. Trust me, I’m a professional lyricist. Got licensed last year. You can do anything on the internet these days. But I digress…

If you haven’t followed the instructions for how to join NP (They’re really complicated. Actually, so complicated that I’ll just explain right now. Here’s how to join: JUST. SHOW. UP.), you’re missing out. I’d say I get it when you just don’t want your quality of life to improve but I don’t get it. Since day one of my NP experience, this mantra has been unavoidable. But here’s the deal: it’s not an intimidation. It’s not a “BRO, just show up and prove to everyone how strong and cool and ripped you are” kind of saying. It’s a “there’s no way to explain how fun and awesome it is and how much happier of a person you’ll be” kind of saying. You won’t know unless you SHOW UP. There’s a constant opportunity here in DC and in 16 other cities in North America for you to take charge of your life, come to a workout, and have some real, human interaction with what I continue to believe are the coolest people you’ll ever meet. All ages, all fitness levels, and all walks of life. Sure, you get along with your work friends because of a mutual interest in your career. You get along with your family because you have to. But you’ll get along with the people at NP because of a mutual interest in life and all that carpe diem mumbo jumbo. So stop standing on or straddling that fence. Come once, live a changed life forever.

Hills for breakfast were noms today as was the butt tag sharks and minnows game. That being said, we’ll see you all Wednesday. Come get weird with us. Lincoln Memorial, 5:30/6:30AM.

Feel free to ask a stranger how their day is going today…and actually listen.



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