One, Two, Three…Connection! (DCA)

Every Monday, we be DC Hillin’. Today, not only did we November Project (yes, the verb), we got to experience the craziness of a long time member, Chris Gray:

Happy Labor Day! And what a great way to start it out- the return of the Horseshoe workout at Meridian Hill Park, sprinkled with some spice courtesy of the NP Baltimore tribe. As I walked back into my apartment post-breakfast, my roommate asked about the workout, remarking, “I don’t know how you do it.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, which reason I should give him today. In reality, there are so many. I do it because November Project is nothing but positive energy. I do it because nothing makes it easier to work out at 6:30 in the morning than knowing that other people will be doing it and having a blast in the process. I do it because this group knows that fitness is a lifestyle, not a chore. I do it because telling a tribesmember that you’re heading home early because of your long run in the morning is not only acceptable, but praiseworthy. I do it because of the close friends I’ve made over a relatively short period of time. I do it because these people are my friends, not just my “NP friends”. I do it because this group of people has turned what can sometimes be an abrasive city into one in which I feel at home. And I do it because I’ve never met a group of people that is so genuinely accepting yet can simultaneously push me to better myself in so many ways.

We all have our reasons for waking up 3 days a week with the tribe. Some we share with others, some may be unique. Whatever it is that brings you to November Project, I’m glad you came.



WEDNESDAY: She spent her summer interning for HBO in New York, and now Stecco thinks she runs things around here. Let’s give her a chance to bring it as #DannyoftheDay. Lincoln Memorial, 5:30am AND 6:30am #JustShowUp

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