One More Thing (DCA)

Today is short and sweet. We wake up. We see incredible sunrises. We learn to love our city, it’s people, and every single little thing in life. Don’t let yourself be the reason that others are missing out on community. On hugs. On permanent smiles and ecstatic high fives. Just don’t. Branch out. Meet someone new. Ask them about their life. Maybe the convo doesn’t turn towards NP, maybe it does. Either way, brighten someone’s day. Change the world around you for the better. Every. Day. I’ll leave you with this incredible video/toast from the #NPSUMMIT (I’ve watched it at least ten times already. Gets better every time.)



Sunday: Tagging @ Meridian Hill Park. CHANGE OF TIME: 5:30PM (so it’s not dark out while we tag) SOUTH SIDE OF THE PARK

MONDAY: Back at it with #HillsForBreakfast.



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