One Less Excuse Available! @Nov_Project #PackYourBaby

Today we did 40 sections at Harvard Stadium. “What’s with 40 sections instead of 37 sections,” a few brave freshmen at NU Rowing asked me back in the day. The reason we do 40 sections is because nobody does 40 sections. Nobody trains with hundreds of newly born “morning people” who prefer hugs over handshakes. We train 40 sections because at the end of the tour you have three opportunities to race with the pack that has collected at section 1. Those last three sections can also be seen as opportunities to impress the fast kids who are watching you from above. 40 sections will also make the last Wednesday in April* feel like a breeze.

There were many new faces in the group today who worked their way to the middle of the stadium and capped off their morning with a 1/2 tour. For those of you who were with us as newbies today we hope that you’re aiming to finish your first full tour in the next few weeks. Nice work today.

PACK YOUR BABY: At November Project we have very few excuses that actually have value. Being sick or cold or tired usually don’t cut it. The few that have gotten both Bojan and I to give people who we’re recruiting just a little bit of slack are as follows… “I just signed a deal to play pro hockey in the Czech Republic and the commute may be too expensive each week,” “I severed my head a few days ago and am having it reattached,” and “My babies keep me at home a lot.” As of today, the BABY excuse is no longer acceptable. Yes, coming from two dudes who don’t have kids you may think this is beyond bold. But what started with Nicole last August in a BABYBJORN has continued on. Today we had our second mama-baby-seat-climbing combo training with us. No excuses, be more badass, think about this badass mama when you rise and shine.

FRIDAY: We will race these hills with our friends from STRAVA. Between now and then it will be helpful to download their app onto your smart phone – You’ll see on Friday. Oh, and please follow the Chris Marshal Rule and park your 4-wheelers anywhere but Summit Ave (legally of course). Last week was great until Claire Wood fucked it all up. Keep Summit clear PLEASE.

MARCH SHOES: They are coming. Stay cool. Keep training like you were here for more than just the shoes. New Balance remains our local partner in crime.

*LAST WEDNESDAY IN APRIL: Many of you may feel a little out of touch with your speed in the stadium right now. The last 7 weeks have been thrown around with random snow/ice days, track workouts, and football practices. Aim your sights on Wednesday, April 24th as the day you post your absolute fastest time for 37 sections. For many of you this will mean racing to complete your first full tour of 37 sections – a great goal. Know that the only score we’re recording and posting for the entire month of April will be that morning. Train hard until that day and come ready to race. For you racers out there, this will be a great way to have your first solid 2013 score to break over and over throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall. Its cool to do 1,000 sections but its cooler to post PR’s. Are you under 30 minutes? 25 minutes (Goldie)? 23 minutes (Sara Wild)? Under 18 minutes (BG)? Get faster. Stay hydrated. Namaste.


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