Olympic Basketball…Was That Basketball? (SF)

I have rephrased this paragraph a few times to avoid offending people, but I think because I am not calling anyone out specifically I can call you all out as a tribe. You are terrible at basketball.


When the three of us were planning the basketball portion of the workout, we envisioned so many people making shots that there would be a line out the door. I believe one of the questions that came up was “Well, what if someone makes more than 10 shots? Should we make them run a lap?” Now knowing what I know about the SF tribe, I can’t help but laugh incredibly hard at that question.

You guys are FAST. You are STRONG. You race trails, ride bikes up mountains, kayak down rivers…but you do not play basketball well. And that’s okay! As Sally Kallet said “I can’t be perfect at everything!” And as a tribe, you are perfect at everything else. For those who missed the workout today, ask Zip for a reenactment of the skills he saw out there on the court today. At one point he goes “I am just happy when someone hits the hoop at all.”

I know this blog feels mean. BUT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING.

But alas, that was only a small portion of the scavenger hunt workout this morning to kick off a competitive Olympic month. Kylie Bakes A Cake baked COOKIE MEDALS. Just let that sink in for a minute. She then APOLOGIZED to us for not having the right color ribbon. Seeing as though those medals were gone in 5 minutes, I don’t think anyone minded the ribbon color, Kylie.

Friday: Ocean Beach. 6:25 AM.


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