Oh Yeah

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to be open to seeing it.

I’m leaving the stadium this morning with my pockets full of inspiration:

  • Running stairs with the fierce and fiesty 5:30 group.
  • Seeing handfuls of those training partners continue on for more sections during the 6:30 group, which made me WANT to do more sections too.
  • Doing more sections with people who were working their asses off.
  • Arguing with someone about who loves “this” more.
  • Having conversations about “training for life” and about having people to look up to.
  • Hearing the chorus of voices echoing “oh yeah!” After 10 push-up Fire Drills.
  • Doing stairs AND push-ups (oh yeah!)
  • Meeting newbies who will now come every day forever.
  • Meeting newbies who came today for their first day and may never come again because they are from Scotland and live in the Czech Republic.
  • Meeting total “oldbies ” Who have been coming for such a long time, but we haven’t truly shared hugs and names yet.
  • Moments of solitude in an almost empty stadium after the workout.
  • Noticing the warm sun and the perfect temperature and how easy it feels to just be on a beautiful day like today.
  • Reveling in the fact that all of this–every single inspirational nugget of this morning– is totally free. And we start our days with all of that in our pockets, just because we showed up.

Keep showing up, man (and woman), ‘cuz it only gets better.

Keep changing the world.

Don’t forget your homework: spread love in the world today. Win the love contest–give more love, be more love, and inspire more love than anyone else. Throw out those “oh yeahs” with wild disregard for the social norm of not talking to strangers. Offer a high five knowing it might result in a smile too.

Go! spread love …Oh yeah!

530 group photo

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