Oh the Places We’ve Been (NYC)

#SummerFridays aka Destination Deck have been described in various ways by various tribes. As much as I love the idea of making any particular city that tribe’s playground, I find myself thinking of Friday’s as taking a fitness tour of New York City.

Who can forget the first time we ever did hoisties with the shadow of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument behind us? Or the #buddy workout where we ran east on 34th street holding hands with 5 or 6 fellow tribe members and confused lots and lots of people on their way to work? Or playing Pictionary outside the Met? Or the holiday-themed workouts? How about “bunnies, bears, bunnies, dips” workout outside the Museum of Natural History? We’ve been as north as Grant’s Tomb, as south as Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, as west as Pier 84 (the Intrepid) and as east as the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, where we dressed in tennis whites for a US open themed workout (aka Steve Mura’s birthday).

We’ve worked out in three of the five boroughs. We’ve done #sebastians encircling the Christopher Columbus statue, we’ve formed a kickline in the middle of Times Square and been kicked out of Lincoln Center and Rockefeller Center.  We’ve tested the true meaning of being #weatherproof when we worked out at the Boat Basin in the middle of February and have planked, hoistied, done endless burpees, step-ups, push-ups and mountain climbers wherever we can.

We’ve been so many places and yet, our tour is not done. There are lots more places to get our bounce on, hug a newbie and to sweat all over. The free fitness tour of NYC has many more stops on it.

So to celebrate #SummerFriday’s 1st birthday and to take a trip down memory lane, please enjoy this google map put together by Katie Shea. (Please note: the google map idea was taken from NP_DC tribe member Katie Courtin. It turns out both Katie’s enjoy lists and maps). Here’s to the start of our second year of #Summerfridays. May we continue to earn our weekends! #fuckyeah

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Some awesome pics today’s EPIC workout on a quaint little block in NYC.

This is how we do it!

Today is my One Year Anniversary! Yippeeee!
BOSS! Hang Loose!

Don’t Ever Let Go! I got your back, kiddo!

We even finish our prom at #NP_NYC!

#NPIntern scored a winner with Prom King! He has MAD moves.

Wednesday: Gracie Mansion, 5:28am/6:28am

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