Oh…so hot! (YEG)

This morning after I rolled out of bed I, as usual, checked my weather app and saw, +17, ugh…really…so hot already at 5:15 am. I wondered how many people would wake up to their alarms, similarly look at the weather and think, forget it, its too hot, I am just going to roll over, stay cool in my house and sleep a little more.

I mean really, why would you want to get out of bed, pull on those minimal layers & worry about sweating so much that you absolutely will require a shower before work. The hassle of it all.

We think we are weatherproof when its December, try staying hydrated when you’re drowning in your own sweat. During the winter we grow icicles on our faces because of the moisture we release but when its this hot, half the time I’m not sure if the droplets of moisture on my body are from myself or from the person beside me spraying sweat as they do their box jumps…that’s a little gross. Also, while we are wary of slipping on ice during the winter, we come prepared with spiked shoes, today, there was nothing to protect us from the sweat puddles that people were slip-sliding through as they made their way to the cards scattered on the ground.

I’m impressed tribe! You sucked it up, proved once again that you are weather proof and worked your ass off this sweltering morning. We proved today that we can sweat it out with the best of them…all those Californians, Virginia Beachians and New Orleanians, we’ve understand your weather struggles and we can say we truly empathize.

Let’s do this all over again…how about Wednesday. Same park (Louise McKinney), new area (down by the river, no, there will not be a van there but look for the large group of people)…meet HERE, ready to run some stairs and create a sweaty mess! Drop your verbal now

Until next time…SMILE! J

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