Of Mice and Men-orahs


This morning we fashioned our workout to align with the template of the Hanukkah celebration- 8 workout stations correlating to each of those 8 crazy nights. Each partner had either an “activity station” or a “mobile station”, rotating between them once a designated number of activity repetitions were completed through the passing (“lighting”) of a Hanukkah candle baton. Tribe members wore Hanukkah hats and glasses, and we even tried to make a menorah in our group photo (N.B.: “tried”). It was a good day.


Whether we celebrated our Jewish friends and their Festival of Lights or not, it is just what the tribe needed: light. It was a beautiful morning in Chicago- much warmer than is tradition. We had “new” regulars and “regular” regulars. We had dogs. We had bear crawls and bear hugs. And we got to see our friends, our motivators, and have a challenging, fun, (FREE) workout all while the sun rose next to us, along with the rest of Chicago. The tribe was strong today. It was a good day.

With all the anxiety and darkness that seemingly is endlessly around us these days, we chose to not be afraid. We celebrated. We embraced each other and community. We honored light and received light. And before we left, we were prompted to share light with others. It was a good day.

Whether Jewish or Muslim, a first-timer or an Olympian, hesitant or head-strong … celebrate. Each day is new, full of endless possibility to make it positive, impactful, or life-changing. Though we start our Wednesdays and Fridays in this simple way – we choose to #justshowup – there are other ways to start off yours just as strong, just as happy, and just as full of light. We hope that you will. If we all just lit one little tiny candle, for 8 days or every day, imagine how much brighter the world around us would be. We welcome you to join us.


Wednesday, 12/16: Sunrise 6k. Meet at Castaway’s off Lakeshore and North Ave. The flag drops at 6:28a. Come. Be fast. and vomit = success.

Saturday, 12/19: NP_CHI holiday party. as with everything, #justshowup. Bring $0, though beverages are welcome (and encouraged). Oh, and, dress festive. …Duh.

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