Ode to Nadim (YEG)

There once was a boy named Nadim

Who had a very big dream. – Ummmm…no…how about…

There  once was a boy named Nadim

Who loved cookies and cream. – Ummmmm….no…maybe…

There once was a….Ahhhhh…forget it!

Let’s just say this…There’s this really great dude name Nadim who came to a workout one Monday morning in July, he was 29. Now he leads these workouts and he is 31. Pretty cool stuff!

Nadim's first workout

Happy Birthday Nadim!

Great to meet all of the newbies this morning. We started the week of perfectly with a Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament – planks, bear crawls, duck walks, 31 reps of __fill-in-the-blank, interrupted periodically by firedrill sprints & burpees…yes you can cram all of that into an intense 30 minutes sweat session with a cool down of hugs, high 5’s and straight-faced vogueing.

Wednesday morning we meet at Commonwealth Stadium, Gate 2, 5:58 AM…BE THERE…Drop your verbals here!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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