Oceanic #DestinationDeck

I love being in the water! I love baths. I love showers. I love pools, ponds, rivers, oceans; I just fucking love being in the water! So for a while I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate water related activities into November Project workout. It had to be in the summer for all the obvious reasons. I mean the tribe IS #weatherproof but swimming in the ocean can sometimes be brisky even in July. I have thought about going for a swim during fall or winter months but in some cultures that may be considered irresponsible and stupid. Ladies and gentleman, I may be stupid, but irresponsible I am not. So we picked a hot sunny day to run to South Boston for a short and sweaty workout of wall jumps and beach sprints followed by a dip in the ocean just to cool yourself enough for the pleasant run home. We thought that if we had half of the tribe jump in the water after the workout, we’d consider the workout a success. We did not expect 100% response rate.

Dear tribe, this morning was pretty awesome. Hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. For more photos check out our facebook page and tag people that Elin hasn’t got to yet.

On Wednesday we’re doing a Frogman1! If you’re not up for 50 sections yet, scalable options will be available. At this point you probably realized that it’s pretty hot and humid outside, so please stay hydrated and take care of your bodies. Do not rely on getting water at the workout location – bring your own. #EarnYourWeekend

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