Oberle Fulfills Coffee Promise, No One Shatters Knees (SF)

All in all, a successful morning at NPSF. Per request from Will Oberle, we tried out the absurdly steep hill at Sanchez and 18th which led up a mountain to a staircase and continued on the other side with what? MORE HILL.

The hill was so steep in fact that Laura cringed at the top waiting to hear the news that someone crumbled all the bones in their body, or that Tommy took a solo ride down the hill in his stroller. But alas, none of this came true and everyone finished with a delectable coffee at Tartine. Ah, yes. Another morning at NPSF.

Many, many events coming up in the next few weeks! Stay alert! Stay vigilant! And keep refreshing that fb page.

Monday: As always we will be at Fort Mason, 6: 27 AM. The best sunrise of the week is always Monday. Don’t miss it. DSC_0206

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