Numbers, Security, and Sexy #selfies (BAL)

What if Stacy’s mom was Jessie’s girl, and her number was 867-5309? That mind-blown-moment means nothing to #NP_BAL EXCEPT for the fact that this particular woman would have to do A LOT of lower body workouts, tell someone they are fucking beautiful, and run ZERO sets of stairs (such a shame). That’s right – we kicked off the epic #NPSUMMIT week with a little phone number workout for all of our newbies to experience that joined within the past few months!

Quick description? 1 phone number chosen at random, 10 workouts that may or may not all be the same due to said chosen number, and moans+groans+sweating+hugsALWAYS. And avoiding being run over by trash trucks, appeasing security guards, and staying truly weird. #NP_BAL, we have gotten to the point that we are large enough to get yelled at by security guards. This is a big fucking deal.


And with the addition of non-bleeding sharpies, the tribe thanked us. Not only because this workout kicked ass in the best way possible (hello light pole suicides + millions of burpees!), BUT because our homework was to text one sexy, awkward selfie to the chosen number and tell them they did a kick ass job that morning. You could have been the lucky recipient of Laura’s selfie here, right to a phone nearest you!


Kristine Z. won the positivity award this week as she has been with us since we were freezing our asses off and were 6 people. Now we are hot and sweaty and almost 100 people (WHAT?!), and she is still here!

All the thanks to Giovanni for showing up to take spectacular photos each week. You are the growth of this tribe.

P.S. 5:30 crew – all the love 🙂

#NPSUMMIT is this weekend in Madison, WI. Follow the hashtag and have major #FOMO. And BECAUSE of that, your parents will be gone this Friday but we have dance captains Megan and Jana to take over and show you what’s up. Be nice to them and show up 6:30AM Friday @ Patterson Park

We love you. We cherish you. We find you super attractive. We will see you next week.

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