#NPTV for Friday, February 15th

“Love Day” seemed to spill right over into the next morning this year. Somewhere between 50 and 1 billion members of the one and only November Project (Boston) made their way down to the Government Center MBTA station at 6:20AM. Many of them trimmed down their outfits and headed into the sea of sign holding, coffee cuffing, regular scarf & bag outfit wearing, and far from outgoing, Bostonians who were interested in being on television sets all over the United States Of America. November Project didn’t need to be in the first, second, or even fifth row to totally own the scene. The two extremely famous hosts of the TODAY SHOW, Gretchen Television & Tim CouchAnkles were both their in person with the giant camera booms, full crew, and lights that made our usually gritty Faneuil Hall cobble stones of shine like gems.

The big question is… Did we get on TV? Were we able to show the whole country that November Project is having the most fun, getting fit, and building community that can’t be beat for $0!? I’ll have to answer these questions with a question: Who’s cares if we were on TV? We are leading a movement that will eventually take over the whole country anyway. #TRUTH

The workout was a full warmup that went right into a 30 minute circuit. Each minute of work was broken into 40 seconds ON and 20 seconds OFF and then switched to a new motion. We rotated through our five motions six times which, if you do the math, adds up to the 30 minutes total (burpies, planks, pushups, mountain climbers, squat jumps).

MONDAY’S #DestinationDeck will be held at Children’s Wharf Park. Run there by 6:25AM. Meet new people. We’ll get our workout on as a tribe. We’ll give you a hug. Then you’ll run home. See map here. Have a great weekend.

We are on fire.
Today’s #PositivityAward goes to the tribe – that was fucking awesome.
Welcome to all the newbies who saw today as day one.
Dan Graham is the man.

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