NPSF’s field trip to the Naked Beach

So NPSF took the kids on a field trip to the Naked Beach today. Given that it’s the first Friday since we returned to school, this may be been a little bit generous. Most teachers would wait til at least half way through the term before giving the kids some remnants of fun. But hey what can we say, O’Clayton are pretty generous fellas. We felt like we had to reward the tribe. Like at least half of the tribe managed to get at least 1 of the equations correct at Wednesday’s algebra workout, whilst the other half “correctly” tried to correct our leg raise and lunges equations. Todd even managed to find X. Glad to see Orrin and Angelo are teaching them well down there at NP_LAX.


The monstrous Sand Ladder @ Baker Beach

Anyway, 6.25am rolled along and 60 tribemembers met for the field trip at the top of the Sand Ladder. After a good belt of “FECK YEAHS” and perhaps one of the creepiest murder whisper Happy Birthday recitals (Happy birthday Shannon!), we hit the steps. We ran. We stepped. We tumbled. We groaned. We ached. We high fived. We winced after getting high five from Mitch Westwood (well trained Boston. Well trained.) We formed an air squat finisher’s tunnel. We awed at the view of the Golden Gate. We jumped into the Pacific. We earned our weekend. Not bad for a Friday morning.


Mitch Westwood – Boston sent us the best hugs and high fives


Will Oberle takes a little tumble (right)

But wait a minute, wasn’t North Baker Beach meant to be a nudist beach (SF’s nude beaches)? Where on earth was Jorge and Weston? Weston definitely verballed for this. The one opportunity where it was not inappropriate for you to take your kit off and you were in bed. Where were you Weston? We missed you!

Monday 6.24am @ Fort Mason… get ready to #StormTheFort and start the week off right!!!

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