#NPSFOlympics Brought To You By Leftover Booze (SF)

The Olympics are about so much more than just winning. They’re also about drinking, duh. And today the tribe found that out by getting lots of random leftover booze from my fridge.

Before enjoying some libations together, we crushed a Murph workout. 1 mile. Then 5 burpees, 10 body weight squats, 15 abs. 20 times (did anyone make it?). We cut it short before doing the last mile so we could get into our Olympic event.

You’ve seen Phelps do the individual and team medleys. Today we had both. Everyone was in teams of 4, except for our favorite visitor, Orrin, who was in a team by himself. Each team of four lunged, bear-crawled, crab-walked, and broad jumped their way up and back in a cutthroat competition. You should have seen the look in Patrick O’Neil’s eyes. Fire I tell you.


To no one’s surprise, Pete Kruse’s team emerged with the gold medal, a tall boy Limearita plucked directly from my home refrigerator. Congrats to you guys.

Stay with us for more #NPSFOlympics!

Friday we’ll be in Golden Gate Park. Tell everyone. You won’t want to miss it.

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