NPSF: Verbals dropped, verbals upheld

Sooooooo shit went down yesterday. Rumour had it that there was a storm or flood of sorts on the way. Being the forward thinkers we are, NPSF built an ark and used it to sail to Bitters Bock & Rye and consume gallons of beer! Then, once people found themselves in the inebriated state that gallons of beer eventually lead to… verbals started to be dropped! Dropping like it’s hot! Two of our Boston visitors verballed for a Grand Slam… Monday-Wednesday-Friday attendances… talking a pretty big game here!!

Forward 12 hours…. It was 6.20am and O’Clayton was getting pretty excited for all of the “We Missed You” fodder that we’d have for this morning’s blog. Let’s just say the NP camera had some “interesting” photos from #BetterThanBedtime the day before. But lo and behold, people started filtering in across Fort Mason. Two by two they came into the park. 6.30am comes along and there we have 40 NPSFers (plus an NP_MKE leader) ready to kick off their week in the best possible way…

Pairing off and running laps of Fort Mason, mixed in with a dollop of Hoistees, Bojans, Press-up low 5s and leg throw-downs! Way to kick off your week, NPSF! And way to fulfil those verbals! You escaped the “We Missed You” blog…. for now!

And a big shoutout for our “Verbal of the Week”… Jonny Boswell (our gracious host from Bitters Bock & Rye) hosted us last night, and then verballed, and then SHOWED UP this morning! Legend!

See you Wednesday… Alta Plaza steps… 6.25am!

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