NPSF Tribe Members Still Peaking

(Written by Dan Clayton on a miniature keyboard)

This morning we took NPSF to new heights, Bernal Heights, to be precise. It’s a little bit of a trek from downtown, but hang a louie off Market, find your way to Folsom and it’s like, where we goin’ again? Oh yeah, to the top of that behemoth of a hill that looks like it forced it’s way out of it’s suburban prison in search of air. The one that looks like a giant subterranean rock monster bumped his head on the ceiling of his studio apartment. The one that looks like the real life version of the Agrocrag. Holy shit, do you remember that show!? I wanted to be on Global Guts so bad. Use to train in my backyard. Every now and then I do an e-bay search for “Agrocrag” to see if some burnt out hero of the 90’s hit a streak of bad luck and, lit only by the dim blue light of his computer monitor, took another swig of whiskey, said “fuck it,” and threw his last piece of treasure up online. Cause that’s the kind of shit I need in my apartment. An emblem of human strength and accomplishment washed in the inevitable depression that comes after you peak at 14. Anyways. Bernal Heights is beautiful, and all ya’ll that decided to sleep in missed the 360 degree panoramic views that come with it. Yeahhh, breathe in that FOMO. Take a deep breath. It’s good for ya’. It’ll make you come out and see us next Wednesday, where we have a BIG announcement. Truly huge. Be there.


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