NPSF: There’s No I in Team, but There is an NP

The mood in NPSF was pretty damn good after this weekend’s exertions. In yesterday’s marathon, NPers were dropping PR’s like it’s the last Wednesday of the month. Hutch’s motley cheer squad crew may well have high fived and danced with every runner in the field of 5500, and also formed a finisher’s tunnel for most of them.

We figured our cheer squad did an unreal job, however there is definitely room for subtle improvements in their celebratory skills and interaction with other athletes. Sooo for the workouts this morning, we split off into twos, pairing off with a regular NPer and fresh-faced newbie. Whilst one pair sprinted down to Safeway and back (they had a 2-for-1 deal on cookies, Jorge. You were missed, lad!), the other pair would crush through a set of paired exercises. For 30 minutes, the tribe rotated through Hoistees, high-five press-ups, leg throwdowns and those “two-footed hop treacherously close to someone’s head and limbs whilst they engage their core” exercises (we really need a catchier name for that). The tribe paired, high-fived, hopped, threw down (GET DOWN FOR WHAT???) to get their week started in the best possible way. In the words of Fintan Black, Jack Black’s second cousin from Ireland… “THAT’S FECKIN’ TEAMWORK!!!!”.


Following on today’s team theme (yeah alliteration!), we have this Saturday’s NPSF Capture the Flag/BBQ in Golden Gate Park (August 2nd). Meet anytime from 1-2pm at Hellman Hollow picnic area. More information to be found at the Facebook event. All are welcome!!! At the bottom of the page are the basic details from the hologram, Mr. Andy Coachrane.

Before that though, we’ve got PR Wednesday coming up. WEDNESDAY 6.25am… ALTA PLAZA STEPS… BRING YOUR GAMEFACE… T-SHIRT OPTIONAL!


NPSF – Capture the Flag

We plan to play two rounds of Capture the Flag. The first will be RED vs BLUE. To do this we need your help. If your birthday is on a ODD month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov) bring a red colored shirt (and shorts, if you have them). If it’s on an even month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) bring a blue shirt and shorts.

The second game will be BLACK vs WHITE. If you are from New England bring a white shirt and shorts. If you are from anywhere else, dress in all black. Bonus points if you bring both white and black clothing because I have no clue if it will work, numbers wise. Also, bring WATER!!

We’ll play to play each game for roughly an hour and try to finish by 4:30pm. Specific rules and exact boundaries will be explained day of the event.

From there we’ll progress to a BBQ + picnic + potluck. This is a BYOF (bring your own feast) event. Paddy and I will take care of charcoal and prizes for the winners (hint: you’re all winners in my heart), but you are responsible for food, drinks, blankets, lawn games, et cetera. Please bring food to share and games to play!

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