NPSF: The tribe is charming or inappropriate?

This morning, the tribe got loud, so damn loud… and well sometime a little bit inappropriate! The tribe took on 30 minutes of laps around the Festival Pavilion (are we sure it’s not Pavillon?), and every time we reached the end of the pair, we paired up, we hugged and we crushed 20 reps of Hoistees, Pressup Low Fives, Sit-up High Fives and Complement Leg Throwdowns. That last exercise got pretty interesting. With one partner lying on the ground with their head between the other partner’s legs, we proceeded to throw down with the thrower (or trower as some of us like to say) complementing the owner of said legs on each repetition. The tribe had some pretty interesting things to say. The tribe struggled at times to come up with complements, so start playing some word games to make it easier! There was one peculiar conversation between two of the most regular tribe members. I’m not going to single anyone out here. Let’s give them a pseudonym. Let’s call them two random names, say Mark and Weston. Here’s how the complements (and some not so complements) went:


You have the ankliest ankles I have ever seen in all of the ankles I have seen!

You’re brilliant,

Your calves are chiseled as Aaron Eckhart’s jawbone,

Your devilled eggs are delightful,

Your eyes. Wow, your eyes. When I look in your eyes. It’s like the first time I heard the Beatles.

You are far more attractive than I expected in the daylight.

Your glutes are bigger than my torso!

Your HoisteeTM form is competent. Though, you could probably learn a thing or two from Mitch Westwood.

Your workouts are so confusing, I had more of a grasp what happened in Inception. The top is still spinning, right?

You do a much better ugly face than the Josh Zip and J-Mak!

Katy Kunkle, I love how both of your names start with a K. Alliteration… FUCK YEAH!


You make my Monday morning!

Noviski, you’re a natural at this November Project working out!

You’re outstandingly outgoing!

Your press-up is much better than your push-up!

You’re Quintessential!

I realllllllly like how that snot hangs from your nose.

You’re Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Turn down for what? Turn up that boombox, Sunish!

You should probably pull your Underwear up during your Hoistees! Just sayin’

I cannot wait to do “Awkward Eye Contact” squat with you on Valentines!

You Woke up the sun! That wasn’t here last Monday?

Can I have a Xerox copy of your face?

Dem’ squats doe! Yummy!

What’s your favorite dish? I’m not gonna cook it, but I’ll order it from Zanzibar.


Don’t forget, this Wednesday is November Project’s Third birthday! To celebrate this tremendous  occasion, we are doing our Yearbook photos. Drop your verbal at the Facebook event, invite your friends and tell strangers on the bus to work. Tell your family and friends in cities all across the NP17 and get them along to the other Wednesday workouts. JUST SHOW UP! 

Alta Plaza Park… Wednesday… workout starts at 6.25am. But please show up from 6am to get your yearbook photo taken. We want to see our #GrassrootsGear out in force!

And Congrats to Mitch Westwood for winning the first ever NPSF High Quality Hositee Award this morning. Listen to that Hoistee…. Phwoar!



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