NPSF: The Return of the RAD

This was an eventful morning, so here’s a Wisconsin style summary of events:

  • We had a Frenchman take over the #earlygang, which may well even be a worse move than putting an Irishman in charge. Somehow the Tribe managed to put together JMB’s broken spiel and somewhat completed the plyometrics steps workout. He even brought 3 more Frenchmen to confuse the shit out of people more. Allez les blues.
  • The Tweeners seemed to spend 20 minutes lunging around the tennis courts. What’s with this? Thought Monday was our only Laura McCloskey “won’t walk right for a week” leg workout.
  • Weston and Mitch gave the newer members of the Tribe a quick pre-workout lesson. The subject being “HUG101: Introduction to the Bear Hug”. Of course, Weston taught the class topless.
  • We tagged 257 t-shirts (+/-157). Laura did about about 90% of these, but Paddy didn’t tag any backwards so that’s a little victory in itself.
  • The Tribe got competitive. We went back to the classic “Battle of the Sexes workout”. The hope was that the males would overcome adversity and finally beat the girls at one of these, but unfortunately…. that didn’t happen. Back to the drawing board fellas. Do you even lift, brah?

LADIES 172 – 146 LADS


But the big news of this morning. We had a return to the Tribe of epic proportions.  Think Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA in ’95 and 2001. Think that time Paddy’s family found a horse stolen from them 7 years earlier (this actually happened). Think Zinedine Zidane coming back after a 2006 retirement to head-butt an Italian in the 2010 World Cup Final. Think Schwarzenegger coming back for a string of god awful movies after his stint as Governor of this great state (“RETIREMENT IS FOR SISSIES”). Well our girl, Rebecca Ann Daniels, she wasn’t retired. She just went down under to babysit koalas for 9 months. Did Paddy’s list of retirees have any relevance? Fuck no! But who cares? RAD is back. And the Tribe couldn’t be happier.

If you don’t know Rebecca, then read this excerpt from our going away blog for RAD last year. Sums our girl in a nutshell…

“I remember the first time Rebecca came to a workout, as she stayed after to introduce herself. That smile of hers radiates enthusiasm, positivity and warmth. But beyond her pearly whites is a person of consistency who November Project is built upon. We need Rebecca Daniels far more than she needs us. Yes, yes, she takes amazing photos and uses most of her 40 hour work week trying to recruit professional baseball players to NP workouts, but it’s the smaller details that make RAD rad. She will never not include you. She will always cheer you on, whether you’re passing her or she’s passing you. She will belt out any Beyonce tune you like, at any hour of the day, and actually sound great doing it. Ya’ll better recognize, the girl is gold.

– Laura McCloskey, sent from an Irish pub, July 30th 2014


Friday Hills. It’s the close of semester, so we’re heading to the USF Campus. To Lone Mountain. Meet at the TOP of the steps (location). 6:23AM.

Then on Sunday, we race Bay to Breakers. Make sure you’re repping your fresh #GrassrootsGear. Dress up. Run swift. Race everything. Wear sunscreen.

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