NPSF: The Age of Exploration

This summer has been an age of exploration for our NPSF Friday Hills. We have expanded our reach beyond the area east of Stanyan and north of Cesar Chavez, which I often affectionately refer to as actual San Francisco. We went west to the edge of the Pacific Ocean, at Battery to Bluffs. We went east to the Tommy Fisher’s territory in the Berkeley Hills. We went south to Glen Canyon and Mount Davidson. We even found the relatively unknown and spectacular Sutro Forrest, nestled behind Parnassus.

Sure we might get lost a bit along the way (Gil leading tribe on a mile long detour through the canyon)….

And we might spend 25 of the 30 minutes running around the park looking for the route (John Flinn did get his extra lap at the end)….

We might take a fall or two [don’t worry Perry. With your two falls this morning, you still haven’t reached the regularity of Mark Novisiki’s falls on the trails]…


But we’re getting up… getting out of bed… and joining a great group of hoodlums…


To explore this amazing city around us. and the amazing trails and hills it has to offer…


As the autumn rolls in, we’ll be less on trails and more so on the city streets. But if people have suggestions of trails and hills they’d like to do, suggest them to Paddy, Dan or Laura and we might scope them them out for a Friday morning. Also remember when you’re out on those trails, we’ve got other runners, walkers, dogs and coyotes. One of the lovely ladies walking on this morning’s trails shared a link with us about best approaches when you come across coyotes on the city trails, so good for people to check this out (, especially the dog walkers in the group.

Best of luck to everyone crushing races this weekend, from the beer milers to the Giants and Santa Rosa road racers. Have a great time and represent that November Project #GrassrootsGear! And please, please, please… try not to puke. It’ll mean you have to a penalty lap, beer milers.

If you want to find a carpool to either event, here are some google docs for your filling in pleasure, SFRC and Beer Mile World Classic and Santa Rosa Cheergang.

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