NPSF: Superman I or Superman II?

When we’re not dropping PRs at the nation’s trail and road racing circuit (Congrats to our Berkeley and Santa Barbara runners who had great results this past weekend), or cheer-ganging our runners across the finish line, the Tribe is just showing up at our Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts across San Francisco and across the the 16 cities of this crazy free fitness movement we all know and love. It’s not all hugs, sweat and exercises throughout these early morning sessions. Over the past 18 months, we have entertained some interesting debates throughout the workout. Last Thanksgiving, Clayton and myself pondered the respective oxygen contribution to our ecosystems of photosynthesis by our land dwelling trees and plants or our sea dweeling plankton. Land vs Water. Usain Bolt vs Michael Phelps. Mad Max vs Waterworld. Polo vs water polo. Jorge Moreno vs Greg Беркович. Katy Kunkle vs Katy Kunkle. The land vs water debate continues through to this day! Even Ryan Scura hopped in on the debate with an ol’ dig at the endogenous #WestCoastBestCoast tribe members and their lack of an Autumn season… “Do you guys even know what photosynthesis is?”.

Well this morning, a new debate triggered which is set to divide the Tribe in half. In preparation for a recent Power Half Hour workout, JustClayton and the Irishman hammered it out about nicknames for a series of exercises, namely the commonly known core exercise, the back-raise, and the yoga move, Dancer’s Pose. Both co-leaders felt that their proposed movement resembled Superman and flight so wanted to name the move, the Superman. So a thorough debate ensued at this morning’s workout. And there was only one way to solve our dispute. Figure out if Superman flies with 1 arm out in front of him or both arms out? We took to Google Image to answer our question…. And got absolutely nowhere! Superman seems to be a rather adept flyer regardless of the number of limbs he’s holding out!

dancer Tone Your Back superman-1 superman-2

The result of the debate… meet two moves to our repertoire… the Superman I and Superman II. To be honest, I preferred Superman returns!

Beyond participating in this debate for the ages, we took the Tribe through the Ciabatta workout (or is it Toranado? Or Tostado? Tomato? Might be Tostado?). Anyway it went like this. 1 minute of burpees… SPRINT…  1 minute of pressups… SPRINT… 1 minute of sergeant lunges… SPRINT…  1 minute of Supermans… SPRINT… 1 minute of leg raises… SPRINT. That makes just one set. 30 minutes later, after crushing 4 sets, the tribe had that chest-heaving, quad-burning, calf-cramping realization that “Shit. I just started my week off right!“. Big kudos to J-Mak who exemplifies this feeling on the Facegram! Also, big ups to all of your newbies (and a Minneapolis tribe member) who destroyed the workout this morning. Especially Ann, who as a first timer, also brought along 2 other first timers. Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 2.40.25 PM

And big thanks to NPSFer, Kati Schmidt, for bringing along Peter Finch of KGO810’s Finch Files to last week’s 202 member workout. Peter took a range of interviews throughout the “Would You Rather” MacAttack workout, and put together this amazing segment on our movement. This will be playing 4 or 5 times throughout the day, so make sure you tune into KGO810 today. You can also listen to the podcast on the KGO810 website.

Next up for NPSF.  Wednesday… Alta Plaza Park… 6.23AM. Do your friends a favour, and bring them along! They won’t regret it. JUST SHOW UP!


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