NPSF Revives a Classic Workout

*Note: Group photo is not a green screen. That’s actually what SF looks like. Come visit!*

Most of you are too young to remember, but there use to be this girl named Jess Huffman who worked out with us all the time. She was friendly, and fast, and even lent Laura a hand now and then coming up with workouts. Sadly, no one has seen or heard from her in months. Rumor has it she refused to leave the Kezar Stadium track before they underwent renovation, and she was steamrolled into the rubberized surface. Some say you can still hear the soft toe-striking pitter-patter of her stride in Golden Gate park, every Tuesday morning at 6:00am. Wherever she is, she left a legacy at NPSF, and we hope she’ll return to us soon.

This morning in Fort Mason, we dusted off the Huffman 2.0 workout. I honestly don’t know what the 1.0 version was, but 2.0 just sounds better. Maybe we’ll roll out a Huffman 2s soon!? Or a Huffman 6-Plus workout that doesn’t fit in your pocket? Just a head up though, it’ll be the exact same thing. During the Huffman workout, one partner runs down the hill and back up the hill while the other partner does leg-raises, or supermans, or burpees, or air-squats, until he or she is relieved by the runner. Then they switch. Throw 30 minutes on the clock and you’re good to go. It’s that simple.

This is the end of the blog now. The blog is over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. I’m eating Thai food. It’s tasty. See you all on Wednesday, Alta Plaza Park, 6:24 am. COME EARLY FOR TAGGING!!! We will be tagging. Bring your shirts. Bring ’em. Ok. The blog is over now.


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