NPSF: PR Wednesday…on a Friday

Hello Campers,

This morning found fifteen brave souls (seventeen if you count the Great Great Danes) at the center of Alamo Square park in the biting San Francisco cold.  We decided on this lovely Boxing Day morning to go back to an old favorite, PR Wednesday.  While we gave a hills-only alternative, every single person opted to run the full course.  I can’t tell you how proud it made your substitute leaders.  I think Josh even cried a little bit.

If you’re not familiar with PR Wednesday at Alamo Square, it went something like this.  One lap around the park reverse-clockwise, then a run from the center to each of the four corners with an exercise between each one.  50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 sergeant jumps, and 25 burpees.  Top it off with a regular-clockwise lap around the park and you have yourself a PR Wednesday.


We had a few returning newbies in Kristin and Kristine, and Bobby from Monterey drove all the way up to join us.  Sunny made the trip out from the East Bay but reminded everyone that she does this every Wednesday.  We needed a small broom to brush her shoulders off.  After the workout we wished Molly A a happy birthday via video message and said hello to the Painted Ladies.  Luckily, we didn’t come across any gangs of old ladies.

On a serious note, Josh and I were honored to lead you this week.  From the bottom of our hearts, we love all of you and wish you the happiest of holidays and new years. Come #stormthefort next Monday and celebrate the return of your fearless leaders!   Fort Mason, 6:25AM.


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