NPSF: Hoistee, Run, Rain, Repeat

“I stay out too late… Got nothing in my brain… That’s what people say, mmm-mmm… That’s what peopl…”

What is that? Oh shit, that’s my alarm. What day is it? Wednesday. Am I late for NP? Wait nope, 5:38. Boom! Escaped a “We Missed You” post for another week. Why do I have Shake it Off as my alarm? Oh yeah, it’s an unbelievable song. I’m not ashamed. I’m still pretty annoyed that T-Fast took her music off Spotify. Maybe I’ll feel better if I go to the workout. Wait, what’s that noise outside?


Rain! Right, I’ve two options:

A: Roll right over, cuddle up to my Stanley Stevens (or significant other, pillow, etc), and enjoy that sleep in til 7am.


B. Remember that I made that verbal commitment to my November Project friends to #JustShowUp. No one should mess with a verbal. As corporate kindly put it, giving a verbal is like swearing on all graves covered in holy scriptures and future loved children and grandchildren that you’ll attend. I better ignore that rain, get my shit together and get to Alta Plaza Park.

Everyone who followed option B had the time of the their life this morning. Here’s how it went down:

1. We bounced and we murder whispered. It went a little something like this:


2. We went on a chaos lap around the park. Utter carnage!

3. We found a partner, hugged it out and got our arses drenched with Hositees.

4. We raced our partner opposite way around the park, stopping at stations with pressups, burpees, sergeant lunges and air-squats #RaceEverything

5. We celebrated our victory over our partner by dropping to a victory plank until our partner returns.

6. We high-fived and repeated it all again. No stopping for 30 minutes!

Some notable highlights:

  • J-Mak planked for 22 minutes of the workout, as Vivi left early for work. She didn’t really. We just enjoy fucking with J-Mak!
  • Mark N dropped an alliteration bomb with his spoken hashtags #wetandwildwednesdayswithweston
  • The aforementioned Weston thought wearing white shorts (only white shorts) was a great idea on the wet morning. Nick Buck did not agree!
  • JustClayton, McChronicles and the Irishman spent the 30 minutes hollering at people to correct their Hoistee form. Arse to the floor, people! Next week, we may have to hold a tutorial, “Mitch Westwood’s intro to Hoistees 101”.

A few things for you all to do:

  • Record your number of laps on the NP tracker
  • Verbal for hills on Friday. Check out the hill location on the NP tracker. HINT: We’ll be racing the trolley! And it’ll be at Bay and Hyde.
  • Check out our new Rooster #YearbookPhoto albums, tag yourself and use your photo as your profile. You know you want to!
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