NPSF Gets to Shaking, Alta Plaza Residents Not Stirred

Goooooooooooood Moooooooooooorning Saaaaaaaaaaaaaan Fraaaanciscoooooooooooooooo! And a good morning it was indeed! THANK YOU to everyone who came out, kept the volume down, got their sweat on and did NOT wake the neighbors. We really appreciate it. In addition, NPSF made an effort today to leave the park better than we found it by throwing on gloves and picking up trash. There will definitely be more of this in the future wherever we go. Stay tuned!

You may have noticed that some interesting things have been going on in the San Francisco running community as of late. Some big, hairy things… Claire Wyckoff presumably got bored of Wyck-ing herself off (HEYYO!) and took to the streets of SF to draw giant deformed penises with her Strava app. It made the news… you know, because there’s like, nothing else happening in the world right now. REGARDLESS, Paddy and I were inspired. That’s why this morning we strategically placed exercise stations throughout the park in order to hold a bit of a large scale connect-the-dots contest. BUT, since NPSF is a family friendly organization, we ditched the penises and stuck to something that has never caused anyone any problems… booze!

And that’s how the martini workout was born! 5 exercise stations that when ordered and run correctly draw a martini glass. We like to #KEEPITCLASSY here in SF. So we challenged the tribe; whoever drew the best martini glass with their GPS tracker would be treated to a martini by Paddy and I. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, if I do say so myself. The challenge here is that the paths of Alta Plaza Park look like this:


Do you see a martini glass in here? Maybe? Sorta? Kinda not? Also, Alta Plaza is on a giant hill, with trees, and bushes, and playgrounds and tennis courts. So in order to get straight lines on your martini glass, you had to get creative. Otherwise this might happen:






Yes, Noodle (if that is your real name…) Paddy and I will treat you to a glass full of gravy whenever you want. You’re welcome.

Outside of these questionable efforts, there were some extremely impressive attempts, such as this one, where Lillian tried to incorporate an olive on a skewer!


But at the end of the day we had a tie between Will Oberle and Chris Stivers. Two pretty damn fine martini glasses gentlemen! Paddy and I are looking forward to our double date ;).



THIS FRIDAY! Hills are in Oakland. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? That’s right, OAKLAND!

6:23am at the Cleveland Cascade. Let’s show Oak-Town what November Project is all about!

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