NPSF: FOMO is rife in the San Francisco Tribe. O’Clayton discovers cure

In typical NPSF adventuring fashion, 30 of our tribe members set out on an epic 73 mile relay around scenic Lake Tahoe this weekend #bikegang #nobigdeal #trendsetters. In honour of this event and to relieve the severe dose of FOMO that has stricken all the non-attendees, O’Clayton held the first inaugural Fort Mason Festival Pavillon NPSF November Project relay team workout race (maybe we could refine the race name a little bit).

The fresh faced tribemembers split into teams of three… with one member heading down to the Fort Mason pier where they led the team through the exercises, the second observing and copying from the top of the Black Point Battery, and the third sprinting the path and steps in between. Over the next 30 minutes, the tribe relayed through multiple sets of leg raises, burpees, squats and push-ups (what on earth are push-ups, O’Leary?). Panic ensued as the team-members forgot who their team-mates were and what exercise they were copying, but as your co-leaders say “If in doubt, do a burpee!”.

DSC_0444There’s a shedload of fun events going on over the coming weeks, so here’s the lowdown on some of those:

–          Remember last year when Dan and Laura went to Edmonton to freeze their asses off with the rest of NP Nation? Well guess what!? This year, you’re invited to the The November Project Summit 2014 – #NPSUMMIT! We’ll all be participating in the NP Madison workouts, and then competing in the North Face Endurance Challenge in the Marathon Relay. Read the blog post, book your trip, represent your tribe. #REPTHEBRIDGE #ECSWI

–          Andrew Hutch & Team RWB are running a cheer section for the San Francisco marathon and half marathon this Sunday morning, July 27th. Check out the Facebook event, and come on out to the Golden Gate Pavillon to cheer the 15+ NPSFers running. Don’t forget to wear your #GrassrootsGear #NPrepresent.

–          This Wednesday, we will be tagging your grassroots gear. Especially for you kids running Sunday’s race, let’s get your race shirts tagged!!!

–          Several of us are running in the Santa Cruz trail run on Saturday August 9th. This event has a series of races (10K, Half Marathon & 30K). Let Paddy know if any is keen to run this and we’ll look at carpooling down to Santa Cruz.

Wednesday morning… Alta Plaza steps… 6.25am… JUST SHOW UP…. BRING A FRIEND!!!

And bring your Grassroots Gear for tagging!


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