NPSF: Europe continues it’s #NPTakeover

This morning, the tribe trekked out to the Cliff House at the north side of Ocean Beach, secretly hoping that Karl the Fog had received the memo that the San Francisco summer was meant to well underway now that it’s October. Well, Karl fulfilled his verbal as per usual. He should surely have received the positivity award by now right? I think he’s comes NP as much as Mr. Reliable, Kenny Wong. Anyway, the tribe spent their morning chasing Danish Jens up and down the Great Highway. To be honest, it looks like the European Union is covertly trying to take over NPSF. These past few weeks, we have had an Irishman, a Dane, a collection of Frenchmen, and a Dutch girl. Does all these #worldtakeover tags, Tweets and trends really imply that the world is taking over the November Project? Did the Irish government convert Laura and Connor, and they’re siding with those Europeans now? That’s two of the three NPSF co-leaders. Will they get to Clayton? And everyone thought the Edmonton tribe were the ones to fear?


Annnnyway after everyone realized it was impossible to catch the Great Dane, the tribe figured they stood a better chance in a Bear-Crawl Relay Race down on Ocean Beach. Akin to the Penn Relays or the Olympic 4x100m, the Bear-Crawl Relay Race is a crowd pleaser here in San Francisco. Braden summed it up nicely after our last trip here in May:

“How you know your Friday started off on the right track: 1) Your lips still smack of sea salt, 2) Every now and then you feel sand between your toes in your socks at work, 3) Even though you’re occupied with other tasks, in the back of your mind, waaaay back behind everything else, you’re still mulling over how, if ever, you can hone your bear crawl technique to the level of Pete Kruse.”

– Braden Engel – Architect, NPSF tribemember, recipient of Most well kept Hair in the East Bay award 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Now that we’ve lost our best bear crawler to NYC, the tribe struggled just a tad with the bear-crawls and they didn’t do much better with the crab walks. But wow, there was some epic wheelbarrow performances. Everyone has obviously practicing before NPSF tends to the gardens and lawns of Alta Plaza tomorrow morning (Saturday) when we join the “Friends of Alta Plaza” for their quarterly Clean-Up day. Come along, represent with your GrassrootsGear, pack the sunblock and meet us at the top of the steps at 10am. If anyone has gardening tools, gloves, etc., please bring them along. There’s also free breakfast from the Friends of Alta Plaza Park with coffee from Peet’s, juices from Trader Joe’s, and fresh bagels. But by all means, bring some snacks and refreshments if possible so we don’t overwhelm them when half the tribe shows up.


Continuing on the relay buzz, the prices for the North Face Endurance Challange Marathon Relay will go up from $170 – $190 on Sunday, so register for this Marin Headlands relay ASAP. We may still have some codes left for a 15% discount (NOVPROJ15CA) but that is first come first served. Update our Google Doc with your information if you’re looking to join a team, have a spare spot on a team, or have a fully registered NPSF team.

Why should you run this relay? Dan Clayton may well answer that in this blog.


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  1. Funny how friendships travel – some well and others need practice. A logical mind, a self indulgent nature and a frequently dormant conscience. These are essential elements of good friends. Keep your proclivities, follow the road to denial but spare me the details and deal the cards!  Thanks everyone for the great view. 

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