NPSF Does On-Site at Clayton’s Work – No One Gets Trampled

Ever since I joined the leadership at NPSF in October 2013, the world has started to look a little different to me… I know what you’re thinking; uh-oh, Clayton is about to get sentimental on us. Not so, my friend, not so (though I have been known to get misty from time to time — Amber made me watch My Girl the other night and I got SO upset). The change I’m referring to though, is that everything in the city looks like a new and amazing potential place to workout. Big hill I’ve never run up before? See you Friday. Cool staircase? Done. Secret plaza? Let’s do it. The city has become a playground and I just want to do burpees all over it. And if there has been one place that I’ve been dying to do a workout since moving here, it’s been the plaza beneath the office building where I work. I spend an inordinate amount of time on this plaza and VERY little of it is spent burpeeing. So today I got to live out that dream a little bit by inviting 100 of my favorite people out to do it with me. We threw down a 5:30am session, we threw down a 6:30am session, we sang SHOUT! 100 strong at the top of our lungs and THERE WERE NO NEIGHBORS THERE TO BE WOKEN UP!!! Incredible. We hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did. Thank you to everyone who came out this week, it was a blast! Now go enjoy your weekend.

Early gang

Oh! One more thing. Alta Plaza Cleanup tomorrow at 10:00am. Be there!

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