NPSF – All Aboard the Rage Train – College Steps Party

Picture the moment, it’s Friday morning… an eerie fog looms over the USF Lone Mountain Campus… not another soul in sight. Then in the distance, we hear a noise… a prepubescent angsty voice… is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s Taylor Swift being with the BoomBox pumping out Taylor Swift – Shake it Off. Suddenly, the tribe start to twerk in from every angle. By the time 6.30am rolls along, 51 frat bros and sorority sisters (and a couple of Frenchmen) were murder whispering bouncing at the bottom of the lone mountain steps. A couple of “Good mornings”, “How the fuck are yas” and “Feck yeahs”, Will Oberle & Co well and duly killed those steps for the next 30 minutes. This was a crazy college steps, hills and burpees party. We asked people to keep their arms and legs inside the rage train and they sure did. We made friends with the security guards, we bribed them with cookies, we bounced, we burpeed. We almost knocked down the front door of USF. Well done students!



Big shout out to Polly Murray for hosting the #NPSFBreakfastClub with a #picnicgang and some of the most delightful banana bread, unbelievable berry scones and well, the cookies weren’t half bad either!



Next week, #BackToSchool continues with Fort Mason on Monday. But everyone take note for Wednesday at Alta Plaza. You will be taking History class. EVERYONE IS TO DRESS UP AS YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER FROM HISTORY #justdressup

Fort Mason Monday…. 6.23am… Be there and bring a friend!



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