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Special days come around once in a while–when you can feel not only the usual “woahhhhh” kind of vibe that November Project on a Wednesday morning gives you–but something even more than that.  When you can’t help but stop and look around at how many people are right there with you, at the crack-ass of dawn (or before!), climbing really tall, difficult stairs, and seemingly having a good time(?!) doing it.  When you find yourself a little swept up in the whirl of movement so you hardly notice how many sections you’ve done, or how much you’ve accomplished without feeling the difficulty that you imagined it would.  Or when you find yourself completely exhausted–sweaty, legs shaking, (who are we kidding??–everything shaking!), totally certain that was the hardest thing you’ve done and you think you hated it, or loved it, and maybe definitely want some more of it. 

This morning was special. Not only because of #PRday, and people racing their faces off.  Not only because of DJ Dukes spinning at the bottom of section 19.  Not only because the #paintcrew threw down some sick tags.  Not only because of the ridiculous achievements of the million humans who showed up by finishing full tours, half tours, first-time-ever sections, and hard AF fitness in the stadium.  It was also special because of the community built.  Boston was impacted with kindness, with movement, and with positivity today.  Just think about how many #NPplus1 newbies showed up today–and now they know about a totally free, really fun, inclusive and welcoming (all year, no matter the weather) tribe of human beings that they can continue to be a part of going forward.  Maybe all of them keep showing up on Wednesday, or even on a Monday or Friday too.  But even if one or two of them do, we know we’re not just keeping NP for ourselves, but we’re doing what it was all about in the first place–inspiring more people to keep moving and using the power of the tribe to do it.  (And building a hell of a lot of community along the way.)

And the Newbies today–all those “plus 1s” — got to take home some very special Plus 1 bling.  We gave Bojan one too, you know, since he was one of the two original plus 1s. 

Bojan rocks the plus 1 BLING

Record your times from this morning.

Everyone with a plus 1 should post your times from today in THIS SPREADSHEET…check out how you rank in all the OG plus 1 teams!

Get connected. Stay connected.

For everyone!  be sure to use all the different ways to get info about NP and get/stay connected to the tribe. 

  • NP Boston website
  • NP Boston blog
  • Facebook (album of photos posted every M/W/F) @novemberprojectboston
  • Instagram (monday locations posted in bio every week @novemberprojectbos
  • Twitter @Nov_Project_BOS
  • show up to breakfast after Wed 6:30 workouts at Swiss Bakers (allston), after Fri 6:30 workouts at Temptations (brookline)
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