Mia Fredricks… everyone, if you don’t know her, you should. She has an amazing attitude and outlook on life and shows up every Wednesday and Friday to get her sweats in with us. She is always trying to lend a helping hand and coming up with unique, effective ideas for our special group! It was her idea to collect items for flood relief this week, so she of course won the positivity award, and we asked her to write the blog below. TRIBE, rest assured, ALL donations that were collected this morning have been distributed to Joule Energy and the New Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, both of which are working in coordination with the Governor’s office to ensure that shelters throughout Central Louisiana are getting the supplies they need to those individuals and families most in need, to get them through these tragic times. Please keep in touch and if you have a specific need, do reach out to us and we will do everything we can to help. There is a small group (for now) that is planning on getting up to Baton Rouge on Friday or Saturday to lend a helping hand in any way possible. We are doing some research and will put information up on the NP Social page.


mia being mia


“A part of New Orleans’ beauty is that she is a place where many people, stifled elsewhere, feel safe to be themselves: just safe to be.” – Quo Vadis Gex Breaux, New Orleans What Can’t Be Lost, 2010

I wish I had truly listened to everyone around me when they told me moving to New Orleans wouldn’t be as scary as it seemed. I wish I would have listened to them when they told me that this city, through all of its history, its culture, its devastation, would undoubtedly steal my heart. But then again, it has only been 80 days and my heart has been won.

This morning’s workout was another reminder of why November Project New Orleans is so fucking amazing. If you haven’t heard, part of our state is underwater…again. And although we shall stay away from discussing “she who shall not be named,” Louisiana is once again having to mourn over lives lost, rummage through houses destroyed, and figure out how to move forward. Eleven years later, we are here to remind our brothers and sisters in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and all over Louisiana the one thing they reminded us during those hellish days: “NO plus BR equals One.”

A bit of my backstory… I moved to New Orleans 80 days ago for my first “real world job” after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in May. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I was ignorant towards every other state. I mean, the mentality in Texas is, “if it ain’t Texas, it ain’t relevant.” I may have just made that up but the idea holds true. I moved to NOLA scared out of my mind. I had one friend, a bed to sleep in and a job. That was it. But then, my mom introduced me to Linda, one of her friends from “back in the day” when she was in shape and worked out (ily mom). Linda gave me a list of different free workout groups but pointed out one in particular – November Project.

“You have to try it. It’s unlike anything else.” Well, she was right… like really, really right.

November Project and New Orleans are both big families. They are accepting of the newbies, with arms wide open. But you come to realize that after that first (somewhat creepy and unexpected) hug, after the first moment you feel at home, after your first thought of “okay, I can do this”… you’re hooked and that hug turns into this welcoming and warm grip on your heart. You come to realize that you never want to let go.

This morning, the NP NOLA tribe came together and opened our arms wide open to the rest of Louisiana. We reached out to friends and family, asking for donations. We rummaged through our pantries and closets to find anything and everything we had to give. We came together to remind Lafayette, Baton Rouge and the rest of the state of Louisiana that is under water that “NPNO plus LA equals One.”

Today we left our workout drenched in sweat. We were exhausted from stairs, sore from bear crawls, and sick of burpees. But even though we were there physically to get our asses whooped, our hearts and minds were elsewhere, praying for a good day for the rest of Louisiana.

Today we left our workout with full cars and fuller hearts. We are Louisiana PROUD, We are Louisiana STRONG, We are ONE.

mia's positivity



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