#NPBasics (IND)

If you asked any tribe member what November Project workout was about you could name some or all of the following:

–          Race Everything

–          Eye Contact

–          High Fives

–          Hugs

All were drilled in this morning at NP Indy. Dan German aka “Dangerman” aka “Danger” led an excited and dedicated tribe this morning. Dangerman’s “Indiana” shined through during the bounce accidently replacing “Are you good?” with “Y’all Good”.  The tribe raced one another from point to point beginning the race with a high five and eye contact and ending with a hug. Between each race burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, and lunge jumps were knocked out at a lightning pace. Despite the burning lungs, hammys, and glutes the tribe remained cheerful.

Other states may claim the phrase “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”, but we all know it’s really about Indiana. During the 6:15 workout the puddles of water began to freeze adding another hazard to skate around…literally.

Shout out to Kim G for earning the Race day Winner’s Cape and Casey with the Positivity Award.

The tribe will be feeling the workout tomorrow.


See you next week! Indiana War Memorial, north stairs, 5:28am/6:15am, Wednesday.

– Dangerman

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