#NP_Yoga4 RECAP; The Heat Is On.

Folks, you know that we’re not one to ask you to go anywhere to spend dough on fitness. With that said, its important to look out for your own health and invest in future runs with daily stretching, hydration, and relaxation. Yoga, with a water bottle, can bring you all of this.

Consider returning to South Boston Yoga to practice once a week. It will clear your mind, help you work muscles you’re not finding during #FrogMan1 or #IndianaJones, and it will connect you to even more movers and shakers in this great city of Boston (recruit?). If nothing else, by practicing at SBY you’re supporting a local group that believes in the community that you’ve created – November Project.

We hope you enjoyed the heat, the sequence, and the over all experience that Todd and his team brought you today. Drink lots of water today and consider eating an ever healthier meal than usual. We’ll see you bright and early at the park on top of Summit Ave. #EarnYourWeekend. Namaste.

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