Today’s Memo:

1. Many people journeyed or will journey near and far today and tomorrow. Some of those people showed up to a rainy, cold, intimate workout on Lincoln’s steps this morning. What did they get out of it? Besides, hugs, high fives, warm hearts (and eventually hands after a complete workout), these people can proudly say ‘I #EarnedMyTurkey’.

2. As you travel this holiday, use the #NP_TSA on social media plus the airport code, city, etc. and meet up with fellow tribe members (prime example: the title of this blog). This is what this community (family) is all about. We are spreading the love to all parts of the world.

3. Don’t forget to record your times here: https://tracking.november-project.com/

4. Feel like you still need to earn a little extra turkey? The annual #Tryptophan10K is happening TOMORROW MORNING. Meet at Foggy Bottom Metro @ 8AM. Details here.

5. Eat away as you spend time with loved ones. Work it off FRIDAY at the JFK Performing Arts Center (North Side). You won’t want to miss this workout led by two of our most dedicated members.

5:30 crew
5:30 crew



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