NP5280 turns legal to drink in dog years (DEN)

(so maybe I left the memory card at home this morning and won’t be home until late tonight. So maybe we’ll just use today’s photos as tomorrows hype, and maybe instead we can stop thinking about how ridiculously good looking we are for once and show some love to our sexy sister city NP-NOLA. Here’s to you NP-NOLA. Here’s to you.)


Everyone has that friend who stretches their birthDAY out way longer than their god given 24 hours. Ya know, that guy who is known to guilt you into doing something three weeks before the fact because its their “birthday month” even though the word “day” is clearly written in the title. Well guess what? This year, November Project is THAT person, and we want everyone to know it. We cruised through the terrible two’s with no terror at all and now we’re cruising into year three like a frat boy on a slip n slide. We’ve been stressing hard about how to impress you guys but ya know what they say about surprise parties for toddlers…..


In celebratory efforts, we will be running the show a little differently this month. So stop, collaborate and listen:

  1. DESTINATION FRIDAYS: Each Friday we will hold ONE 17-21:30 minute workout at 6 am. That’s right, for the month of October, the distinction between 5:30 and 6:15 will not exist. The limit does not exist! So get ready to make some new friends and hug some new bodies and please be nice to each other. Each workout will be held at a different location around Denver. Locations will be announced on Wednesdays over the socials per usual. Here’s the kicker– we’re asking you to step up your game and your miles and run, walk, jog, bike, skip, leap, cardio, inchworm (not recommended to do outside the supervision of AlliBell) yourself to and from each workout. Do you live really far from the workout? Simple solution: do some prework, map the location, drive to a distance 1, 2, 5, 7 miles away from the workout and then follow the rules cited above: get your booty there on your own two feet. Need a buddy to keep you accountable? Find someone who wants to keep you company on those early morning jaunts, and best of all, you’ll have a big group of sweaty huggers ready to get down and dirty on some strength and core exercise when you arrive. The bounces will start at 6am sharp. So be there by 5:59. 
  2. OCTOBER CHALLENGE: By the gracious hands of Lululemon we’re holding a month long challenge in which to attend every workout in the month of october. You cannot complete this challenge if you do not follow the cardio rules of the Destination Fridays (see above: DESTINATION FRIDAYS). In order to #proveit, you must submit a photo of yourself cardio-ing to the workout to be posted to that days album. All those who complete the challenge will be rewarded with Lululemon swag and some sort of burrito deal I’ve dreamt up but haven’t totally logistically figured out yet awaits you. Also, pride and glory. In order to be eligible for this challenge we also need you to sign up and sign in. Come ready to write your name down somewhere on 10/5 and use the tracker every Wed/Friday. “If we can’t track you, you don’t count”- The NSA (probably.
  3. THE BIG DAY: Since celebrating our birthday at every workout isn’t enough, we’re throwing a party for us and for you. Please save the date for Thursday 10/27 in the evening.
  4. FRIDAY (9/30): Cheeseman Park. Meet at the Pavilion. 5:30/6:15am. FUBU let by the one and only Virva.
  5. POST PR DAY SOCIAL: MARCYZKS (17th and Clarkson). It is their last seasonal BURGER NIGHT! Burgers are being served from 5:00-7:30pm.

Love to you all,

General Millz.

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