What’s it mean to be NP-y?

You know, the adjective to describe an experience or thing that exemplifies all that NP is.

Well, what the blazes is “all that NP is???”

November Project, or “NP,” as the kids are calling it these days, is pretty awesome.  It’s weird, fun, spontaneous, sweaty, full of fitness, and totally, forever free.  No money exchanged, but plenty of positivity and motivation to do athletic things you never really thought you would (or could) on your own.

So to describe something as NP-y means it’s fun, exciting, probably a little unexpected, always involves some kind of badass workout thingy, and usually makes you pause for a moment while you’re doing it to ask yourself, “what am I doing?!?” or say to yourself, “er meh gerd, this is weird…and I love it,” or simply to declare, “FUCK YEAH!”

This morning was NP-y (according to a famous tribe member).  We #JustShowedUp like normal, but there was a live band playing for us for the entire 5:30 and 6:30 workouts. Our tribe member Lou Klein, representing from #NP_PHL, and his bros (real live, same-parents brothers) Danny and Eric drove from Philly overnight and set up in the moonlight to play their sets for us.  We rarely have LIVE MUSIC in the stadium and it was cool.  It was weird, it was unexpected, it was fun.  It was NP-y.

We also ran our faces off.  We sweated our asses off.  It was so humid there was hardly a difference between the air and our dripping bodies.  But on our Out-n-Back workout we tried to get as far away from section 37 as we could during the first half of the workout (20min) and then make it all the way back to where we started in the second half (20min).  Some jokers are doing the FROGUST challenge, so they did Frogman1, which is also an out and back doing 25 sections out and 25 sections back.  All told, we did a LOT of stairs this morning, (Track your scores!) all the while listening to the beasty sounds of the band.

We gave out the Positivity Award to a tribe member who was sacrificing her 6:30 group photo to finish the fucking workout…and she was surprised to learn as she hit the “turn & go” of her last section that she had won.  To all the positive and inspiring tribe members like Laura D’Onofrio in Boston, and in all 21 cities of the #21HumpBeat Community, we love you.  Keep being NP-y.

Laura D'Onofrio PA


Community week continues through Sunday–Find and Feast on all the Free Fitness you can Fit into your Freaking Face. It might be Fun.

NP SUMMIT is still happening on Sept 24-26.  You want to be there.  You know it’s good for you.  Discounted registrations for an unbelievably cool Endurance Challenge race. Good, Positive NP-y human beings will be gathering and it might be incredible. Just saying.  Info, details, educational material found HERE.

The Tribe is strong. The Tribe is Tribey.

630 group photo

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