by BG

5:30am Squad

6:30am Squad

Because today is the last Wednesday in the month of August we decided to race the entire tour of Harvard Stadium hoping to post as many PR as possible. We also painted a giant pile of shirts so that our members can continue to rep November Project everywhere they go. We gave a homework assignment and we hope that the other cities will join in. Check out the full details to this .

We look forward to seeing you at the top of Summit Avenue bright and early on Friday morning. Also let’s continue to hype our “biggest Monday of all time.” Full details on Monday’s location will go live on Friday.

by Laura

Today it drizzled and 74 racers got down in puddles to pound out the SMURF. Pink fuzzy hats were worn to honor the Burning Man racers not present, and to keep Laura’s dome piece dry. Finisher tunnel was a full on dancing tunnel that you had to break through or you were stuck with a DNF. The rules are simple here in SF: We come to party. We get fit in the process.

by Dan Graham

Madison followed the Boston Model today as we raced for PR’s. (Personal Records for those that are new to athletics of this sort) We’ve had 6 months of running, What has been deemed the ‘Bascom Hill Set’ – a series of 5 loops that increase in both distance, and the amount of the hill that you need to run. This workout chews up great athletes and scares newbies from coming back. We had a great turn-out – 78 runners, including 21 rookies. Damp. Hot. Early. Hilly. Powerful.
PR’s (time dropped as indicated)
Kevin Hubbard – 1:31
Danny Lyman – 1:21
Moriah Consigny- 1:14
Stina Staberg – 1:08
Christian Moran – 1:05
Erin Fabrizius – 1:05
Leah Van Oss – :58
Kelly Nawrocki – :56
Brian Purtell – :42
Craig Igl – :39
Nicole Laufenberg – :33
Amanda Yu – :25
Sara Jimenez – :20
Kristi Vader – :17
Soren Hughes – :17
Jeff Lowe – :13
Ted Gurman – :05
Jeff Morris – :05
Gabby Waklawik – :03
Ben Bauch – Broke Even


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