NP Summit 3 Point, UT (DCA)

Things we’ve learned over the last weekend:

1. When you smile and the people around you smile, your face hurts from smiling. Every single person at the November Project Summit 3.0 was WAY too happy. I take that back. There’s no such thing. There was an incredible amount of energy. Positive energy. Even some famous guy that runs crowd surfed. End Game: When you surround yourself with happy people, you get just as excited about life.

2. We’re changing the landscape. Not only are we padding down trails, roads, and whatever else you lay your feet on, we’re helping people find the love of a community that holds you accountable AND accidentally makes you a faster you. And by accident, I mean you won’t even realize it because you’re having so much fun. End Game: You have the ability to change the world around you. So do it.

3. We’re taking over the WORLD. If the world is your oyster, then we’re taking it. The tribe is in 26 cities now. Twenty SIX. We added two more over the weekend (Kansas City and Kalowna) and the hits just keep on coming. But don’t worry, you’re not late to the party. It’s just beginning. There WILL be more and we WILL keep going.

You  may have just had a typical Monday today. We had a Monday that started on some hills with beautiful people that smile too much, change the world around them, and are climbing the mountain on the back of an animal that is out of the cage.

Check out the documentation of this past weekend.

If you read this before 9pm, join us on Twitter via the #HealthHuddle as we try to recruit all of DC to NP.

Onward, DC.

Wednesday: PR week. Lincoln Memorial. 5:30 or 6:30AM. #JustShowUp


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