NP HOs (sorry HR Carl)

We dressed up in sparkly, lit-up, shiny, holiday-y gear today.  I was very excited about all the holi-dazzle that the tribe produced.  Deniz said there could be no HOs.  …um, Deniz, has anyone told you we’re inclusive of everyone?

Oh, he meant no LOUD “ho ho ho”’ing before 7am, just Ninja HOs allowed.

Ninja HOs? What do they wear?

What does the weirdest, most badass tribe in all of the whole wide world wear?  Well, we wear shit like this:

group HO HO HO small group HOs


And we show up like a real deep tribe, with spirit and fierceness, and we race our jingle balls off.  That’s right, I said jingle balls. And we hug and love each other–especially when old friends come “home” to visit from SF, (shoutout to Mitch) and when we’re about to go off traveling for holidays so we might be apart for a few workouts.  The Boston Tribe will be strong and proud all week, every MWF, so show up next week because you’re in town.  And bring your weird uncle too.  INCLUSIVE I say!!

We run full hills with lots of Holiday Spice (not the cinnamon and nutmeg kinds of spice, more like the Stairs AND cross country kinds of spice.)  It was hard, and really good, and I have to say the only thing that I enjoyed more than the holiday-spirit we wore today was the badass attitude I feel that everyone had.  High-fives into and out of Summit Path Stairs were energized, there was a spontaneous 3min plank challenge just before the 7:20 cutoff, and every single time I asked someone on the cross-country section to turn and go up the final hill they freaking tore it up.  Every day I am impressed with how hard this tribe works and it blows my mind how this wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t do it together.

No joke people, you HOs inspire me.

Also, Evan Dana is a wild man with a camera and a vision for group photos and I have to say today’s was EPIC.  Let’s keep this vibe rolling all weekend my friends.  #WeekendEarned #NPisAgift.

#JustShowUp on Monday, we’ve got free hugs to distribute.  Make sure you get yours. The location is in Boston Common, but click the link to VERBAL and see exactly where.

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