NP folks get around! (BAL)

One of the rad things about November Project is that if you happen to find yourself in one of the 17 cities where we are plotting our world domination, you can be confident that if you attend a NP workout there–and I don’t understand why you wouldn’t–then you will be welcomed with open arms (I use that phrase in the most literal way possible) into each city’s motley, passionate, and sweaty crew of attendees. So, when Manzur (NPDC), Can of Spaghetti (NPDC, soon to be NP Boston), and Casey (formerly of NPDC, currently NPSF) showed up to our workout this morning, we made sure we caressed the back of their hands oh so sensually during the best part of our bounce: the hand hug. With the City vs. City 5k coming up in just over a month, however, that’s about as much love as we can allow ourselves to give them right now. Sorry friends, it’s nothing personal; we just know Barry Obama and Co. would be way better off living in a rowhouse in Baltimore than in that D.C. House that happens to be White.

Although we are impressed with Can of Spaghetti's sweet NP travel shirt!
Although we are impressed with Can of Spaghetti’s sweet NP travel shirt!

Along with the hill repeats that are the foundation of our Friday workout, today featured some tricep dips, squats, hoisties, and a whole lotta eye contact. At the top of the hill, people gathered in circles of at least three to play a little game called “Contact.” Everyone started off looking at the ground. One person in the group took the lead to say “1, 2, 3, CONTACT!” Everyone looked up at the same time at another person in the group; if that person happened to be looking at you as well, then each of you had to do five burpees. If you looked at someone who happened to be looking at someone else, you were in the clear and allowed to run back down the hill. We like to have fun at November Project Baltimore, almost as much as we like to break social norms and make people squirm!

That dreaded hill doesn’t get any easier as the Fridays go by, but because of all of you beautiful people I am able to focus a little less on how much my lungs are screaming for air and more on hearing about your plans for this weekend (and if Bike Party is part of those plans). And that is what we’re all about at November Project — building those relationships that will keep you coming back each week. Being fit can help you live a long and healthy life, but it’s the people in your life who make that life worth living. I don’t know why I decided to get all serious and sappy here, but DEAL WITH IT.

Shout-out to all of our new friends who made it to their first workout this morning; I hope all of the awkward eye contact that found its way into our routine didn’t scare you away. Enjoy your long weekend and see you at 6:30 on Wednesday!



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