NP Daze of Xmas (IND)

(Disclaimer: this picture is missing three newbies.)

The Indy tribe is largely not from Indy proper, we found out today. Major props to those who did #JustShowUp in Ugly Sweaters and Santa garb for the hugs and #StairsForBreakfast, especially the #Newbies—count ‘em: 7! Thanks to Evan and Joey for recruiting!

Today the workout was simple: #UpAndOvers with walking lunges, tricep dips, burpee broad jumps and elevated push-ups. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. You’re welcome. #EggnogEarned.

Today the #PositivityAward went to Kim. Whose bright smile and cheers makes the rain pelting your face feel like a warm summer breeze. Xoxo.

#NPBreakfast was a success. #AllTheEggsAndPancakes.


This SUNDAY: FESTIVUS Social!  7PM at ED & JESSIE’S. Be there. Bring a shirt to tag for #BopToTheTop. Send a shirt with a friend if you cannot make it.

Next week is #RaceDay! Indiana War Memorial 6:15am North Stairs.


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