NP Chaperones (BAL)

So, as you all know, Sydney, Pat, and Nick were all out of town this morning, prompting many of us to say “Mom and Dads are gone!!!!” #Beefstick and I were asked to step up and oversee the family that was remaining at the foot of our beloved hill, and we humbly accepted (also excitedly and nervously). What I really like though, is the automatic response that our fearless leaders are like the parents to our workout obsessed, burpee crushing, sweaty hug giving family, because, let’s face it, that’s what we are.

Family is something that is incredibly important to me, as I know it is with many of you from all the parents and siblings I’ve met at NP who have been invited/dragged to an early morning workout and proudly shown off. Just this afternoon, as I was driving back from returning Kevin’s keys, which I inadvertently stole, my sister Becca called to catch up. When she asked me what was new, you bet your hill climbing asses that I told her all about this morning’s shenanigans. I was incredibly proud of all my adopted brothers and sisters who #justshowedup and ate a healthy breakfast of hills and star jumps. Naturally I had to brag about you all.

Something, you may not know about me… I come from a large family. I have 12 siblings. …yeah… we’re Catholic… and because of this, I think I’ve learned a thing or two or three about what FAMILY is all about. First, your family will always be there for you. Second, they may not always like you, but they will always love you. And finally, they will do outrageous things, and put you before themselves just to make sure you’re happy.  When I look at all of you, I know all three of these things hold true.

9 or so months ago, when I first showed up at Rash field, I had no idea that I was becoming part of a family. You all are amazing as individuals, but our family connection is one of the most incredible things that make NP Baltimore so special. Thanks for being awesome, for picking up and pushing your brothers and sisters, and thanks for being part of this awesome family.

Oh yeah, Mom and Dads, kick some ass in Vermont this weekend!

Jon P.

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