Novemberprojectitis – AKA Fucked-In-Your-Head Disease

I’M BACK! For those of you who are wondering who the fuck I am; I’m the guy who’s photos of November Project workouts you haven’t been seeing on facebook in the last few weeks. I’ve been away on vacation and one thing that I noticed is that my mind has been infected with very interesting and incurable disease officially known as Novemberprojectitis, better known among common folk as fucked-in-your-head disease. Some symptoms may include urge to think about any hill or a mountain as a potential Friday workout location and view any combination of more than 20 steps as a replacement for a stadium stair running. One gets infected with Novemberprojectitis as early as one week after becoming a member of the tribe. Scientists haven’t been looking for a remedy for this illness as they have smarter things to do – So dear friends since we’re all suffering of fucked-in-your-head disease – Let’s have some fun with it. Next time you’re on location that reminds you of your tribe’s training grounds, take a photo and share it through your social media channels (facebook, twitter, instagram…) as we are doing scientific research on the severity of this illness. Just so we can track all those photos please use hastag #Novemberprojectitis. We want to see all those cool locations as well as make you type #Novemberprojectitis (which is a hilarious amount of characters to use up). All in the name of science!

Our #DestinationDeck workout in Boston this morning was pretty sweet. We got together in front of Henderson Boathouse for some pushups and leg throws (100 of each) just so we can top it off with “Sebastians” – 7 minutes of all out burpees. We also gave a proper nod to Northeastern University Men’s Crew team that’s training for Henley Royal Regatta in England this summer. Those young lads are currently in the best shape of their season and we’re hoping that they’ll continue to get faster in the offseason with the tribe in the hills of Brookline, stairs of the Harvard stadium, and other amazing locations around Boston.

Speaking of Harvard stadium, you’ll find few hundred of your closest friends there on Wednesday at 6:30am (early group starts at 5:30am). Our friends in Madison will take on Bascom Hill, while San Francisco crew will go fast at Kezar stadium. Happy Monday ya’ll!

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  1. And hey, don’t forget breakdancing tonight – meet at the Dance Complex in Central at 6:29 in your Grassroots Gear!

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